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June 9, 2008

The Way of Things

There exists within the minds of most people, from childhood to faltering age, a fundamental question as to the why of things. In fact so fundamental, and so natural is it to wonder how and why, that we may deem it not altogether sacrilegious to search our hearts for an answer.

Is man a product of evolution? If so, who is the author of evolution? Have we reached our ultimate state of evolvement? If not, what is the way of intellectual development, or in new senses, may future generations expect? We live in a house which is connected with its surroundings by telephone and telegraph – the sensory nerve organs. Are we improving our connections with the outside world, making the best use of those we have, or seeking to establish new ones? Is the latter impossible?

We are more or less vaguely aware, at times, of unseen influences, intuitions, apprehensions which do not always prove to be the product a morbid imagination. The rudimentary eye of the starfish is only a spot at the tip of a ray, sensitivity to light but incapable of visual image.

Without going into the scientific phase of evolution, concerning which volumes have been written, most of us accept the opinions of the most advanced scientific research, which learned though it may be, is but the hands of babes outstretched toward the infinite. Back of the starry vastness of the boundless universe, out in the solemn depths from whence no echo answers to mock our puny questioning, in the minds of – let’s think of it reverently – God, is the answer to our question concerning our origin and our destiny.

In the soul’s evolution
Through the endless sweep of infinite being,
We are growing aware of God.
These wonderful organs, attuned to light,
Were gained by the upward striving
Of will, through ages; He created the will,
Set it into existence, made it self-conscious;
Since then, it is striven for perfect expression.

We are universally conscious of a longing for conditions, circumstances, internal as well as external, which shall satisfy our wants to the utmost, an ignis fatuus which shall constitute the realization of our soul’s desire. It is but the sunlight and the elements, directing the growth of the plant upward, until its life has been fulfilled.

We dread to be forgotten. A man’s name is not perpetuated to the world by a stone, with sentiments carved thereon by a hireling, which exalt his virtues and forget his faults, nor even his posterity. Only our spirit moves among nations, only as dynamic thought influences their beliefs, acts and progress, only by the traditions of advancing civilizations are we immortalized to earth. The fame of ancient rulers fades. The pyramids are tribute not to kings, but to people bound by serfdom.

No monument endures to Moses, Homer or Socrates, yet the mellow glow of their radiant personalities still softens the shadows of our boasted “modern” civilization. Tradition is more enduring than figures graven in stone. Whereon shall we leave our impress to be noted by the ages yet to come?

Science has demonstrated the existence of the ether. To use a trite expression, “It pervades all space.” Like the air, or an immense ocean, it may be set into vibration. In fact, it is never at rest. Light has been shown to be produced by etheric vibrations of certain wavelengths, varying within a rather narrow range from the violet to the red of the spectrum. To these our eyes are sharply sensitive. Instruments have been devised sensitive to other wave lengths, for example, wireless. The laws of wave motion point clearly to many other wave lengths not yet utilized or understood. Can any physical, chemical or other change take place in matter without a corresponding disturbance in the ether?

May we not in time become endowed with faculties which shall be attuned to other wave lengths than those we call light? As the range of our responsiveness increases may not our knowledge also extend? Vibrations of light reach us from other worlds. This we know because we “see” them. May not vibrations of other wave lengths to which we are not yet sensitive, be traveling with them, writing the story of the aeons on the scroll of the infinite, ready to read, when by our upward striving, we have become attuned? If some day we may read the story of the constellations as written in letters of light, may we not also, some time, know the story of the being in other worlds, whispered on an ethereal beam from star to star through far-flung space, until the great universe is in tune, singing and wonderful, exquisite, mighty hymn of harmony, praising the wonderful Author of it all.