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August 6, 2008

Monument Eternal

Where now roll billowed seas of sand
The cities of the world once stood,
Fair jewels of a fertile land,
With golden field and shady wood

There mystic guardians of the Nile
Who dream of kingdoms passed away,
Shall slumber yet a little while
To crumble low in swift decay.

And in some far age, vague to see,
The world may know of us no more;
Here, dusty desert waste may be
Where banks of roses bloomed before.

Gone pomp of power and gleam of gems
Torn from deep caverns’ grasp of steel,
Gone all our treasured diadems;
Their worthlessness the years reveal.

Through monuments to kings of old,
Reared to the skies by servile hand,
May sink and rest neath dank and mold,
Enduring still His Word shall stand.

July 2, 2008

Untitled Prayer

God, give me grace that I may be true
Pray, give me strength the right to do,
Oh, lead me not in errors way.
But keep me in thy paths today.

We daily need thy guiding love,
The power that cometh from above,
Our hands are poor and weak and frail,
With thee to help we cannot fail.

The paths of sin are everywhere,
But thou dost give thy tender care,
Thou knowest e’en the sparrow’s fall,
And thou wilt heed me when I call

Thou who dost lead with watchful eye
The planets through the midnight sky,
Hast ample strength and power to guide
My fragile bark o’er life’s swift tide.

June 9, 2008

The Way of Things

There exists within the minds of most people, from childhood to faltering age, a fundamental question as to the why of things. In fact so fundamental, and so natural is it to wonder how and why, that we may deem it not altogether sacrilegious to search our hearts for an answer.

Is man a product of evolution? If so, who is the author of evolution? Have we reached our ultimate state of evolvement? If not, what is the way of intellectual development, or in new senses, may future generations expect? We live in a house which is connected with its surroundings by telephone and telegraph – the sensory nerve organs. Are we improving our connections with the outside world, making the best use of those we have, or seeking to establish new ones? Is the latter impossible?

We are more or less vaguely aware, at times, of unseen influences, intuitions, apprehensions which do not always prove to be the product a morbid imagination. The rudimentary eye of the starfish is only a spot at the tip of a ray, sensitivity to light but incapable of visual image.

Without going into the scientific phase of evolution, concerning which volumes have been written, most of us accept the opinions of the most advanced scientific research, which learned though it may be, is but the hands of babes outstretched toward the infinite. Back of the starry vastness of the boundless universe, out in the solemn depths from whence no echo answers to mock our puny questioning, in the minds of – let’s think of it reverently – God, is the answer to our question concerning our origin and our destiny.

In the soul’s evolution
Through the endless sweep of infinite being,
We are growing aware of God.
These wonderful organs, attuned to light,
Were gained by the upward striving
Of will, through ages; He created the will,
Set it into existence, made it self-conscious;
Since then, it is striven for perfect expression.

We are universally conscious of a longing for conditions, circumstances, internal as well as external, which shall satisfy our wants to the utmost, an ignis fatuus which shall constitute the realization of our soul’s desire. It is but the sunlight and the elements, directing the growth of the plant upward, until its life has been fulfilled.

We dread to be forgotten. A man’s name is not perpetuated to the world by a stone, with sentiments carved thereon by a hireling, which exalt his virtues and forget his faults, nor even his posterity. Only our spirit moves among nations, only as dynamic thought influences their beliefs, acts and progress, only by the traditions of advancing civilizations are we immortalized to earth. The fame of ancient rulers fades. The pyramids are tribute not to kings, but to people bound by serfdom.

No monument endures to Moses, Homer or Socrates, yet the mellow glow of their radiant personalities still softens the shadows of our boasted “modern” civilization. Tradition is more enduring than figures graven in stone. Whereon shall we leave our impress to be noted by the ages yet to come?

Science has demonstrated the existence of the ether. To use a trite expression, “It pervades all space.” Like the air, or an immense ocean, it may be set into vibration. In fact, it is never at rest. Light has been shown to be produced by etheric vibrations of certain wavelengths, varying within a rather narrow range from the violet to the red of the spectrum. To these our eyes are sharply sensitive. Instruments have been devised sensitive to other wave lengths, for example, wireless. The laws of wave motion point clearly to many other wave lengths not yet utilized or understood. Can any physical, chemical or other change take place in matter without a corresponding disturbance in the ether?

May we not in time become endowed with faculties which shall be attuned to other wave lengths than those we call light? As the range of our responsiveness increases may not our knowledge also extend? Vibrations of light reach us from other worlds. This we know because we “see” them. May not vibrations of other wave lengths to which we are not yet sensitive, be traveling with them, writing the story of the aeons on the scroll of the infinite, ready to read, when by our upward striving, we have become attuned? If some day we may read the story of the constellations as written in letters of light, may we not also, some time, know the story of the being in other worlds, whispered on an ethereal beam from star to star through far-flung space, until the great universe is in tune, singing and wonderful, exquisite, mighty hymn of harmony, praising the wonderful Author of it all.

May 8, 2008

God’s Gift in Flowers – Salmon Flower

This flower came to my front garden of its own accord. I noticed a few small plants and noticed how tiny yet beautiful they were. I had tried to grow other plants and bulbs in this area but nothing seemed to want to grow there. I was so delighted to have something growing well I joyfully and playfully asked the flower if it could just come and fill in this whole space. To my joy and delight my wish was granted.

In the few years since, I’ve noticed more of these flowers pop up at other locations in the yard, far removed from their original source, and this year I have noticed them all over my neighborhood in others yards as well as a local park nearby. I asked what this flower would like to be called and received no answer. I asked if I could call it Salmon Flower because it’s petals reminded me of the color of salmon and I heard “Salmon Flower will be just fine”.

My journey in the past few years has also involved working with Flower Essences which are a vibrational healing remedy that can provide you vibrational information for your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well being. My source for most of these essences has been Green Hope Farm in Meriden, New Hampshire (www.greenhopeessences.com). In working with these lovely remedies and reading their descriptions I often noticed the flowers shape, color, or growing condition often describes its energetic strengths or gifts it can offer. I asked Salmon Flower if it would like to be made into a Flower Essence and was told the time was not yet ripe to be made into one. However it has chosen in the NOW to be of service through word and picture.

I had a day when I was feeling a bit unsettled by events in my life and I felt this pull and draw to come sit next to the bed of flowers. As I did I felt the most peaceful, soothing love and calm just like I have experienced in the past working with essence form of other flowers. To my delight I could feel this same experience by simply sitting and beeing (pun intended) with this flower. The flower encouraged me to take some cuttings and bring them into the house where I could enjoy them as well.

A few days later I was walking our dog through our neighborhood. A woman came out her front door and I noticed her beautiful California Poppies and commented on them. As I looked down at the poppies I noticed some Salmon Flower plants and as I looked back up the woman was holding a vase full of these Salmon Flowers. She told me a friend had recently had a miscarriage and she was taking these flowers as a gift. I could only think of the love and support I felt sitting with them and only hoped this woman would feel it as well in her time of need.

Since then I have spent more time with this flower just beeing and observing how it grows, blossoms, and goes to seed. I asked the flower to describe itself in its own words:

“I come from an other worldly place held here by God’s gift to mankind of trust, faith, and light. I bring hope to those who are weary or feel they have lost their faith. It is this strength those who use me will find as they journey to God.”

I felt an urge to describe this flowers growth and flowering features as part of my journey in discovering this flowers gifts, but also as a means to share it with others. This flower’s foliage is a bright green and the flowers bloom with little to no water. Just as your well may feel like it’s run dry, or feel you are far removed from your source, God is always there to support you. When given water it grows and expands just as we do with God in our heart. When the quarter inch flower blossoms the open petals with its yellow stamens are like a radar dish receiving light. When the blossom closes it offers a feeling of protection and nurturance until the blossom is pushed out much like letting go of pain, grief, or loss so we can transcend and receive God’s light.

This blossoming process occurs along the stalk of the foliage, not all at once but at evenly spaced intervals. This repeating process of blossoming and releasing the spent flower is very much like what we experience as we evolve through the various stages of our life here on Earth. After the flower is spent, a tiny globe of ethereal green seeds forms in its place, which implies that the journey is not wasted but new seeds are planted as we evolve from generation to generation, and incarnation to incarnation.

I talk to flowers much as you may talk to God asking for help. To me flowers and all of creation are a Oneness that is God. Through this process I have learned God is always speaking to us and through us in many different ways, including sitting down to have a good chat with the Flower Kingdom. Shortly after I learned from a chance meeting on-line from someone in London that this flower is Scarlet Pimpernel and it is a native wildflower in the U.K.! Wonderful, wonderful mysteries indeed!
- Mysticbee

“A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life depends on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the measure as I have received and am still receiving.”
- Albert Einstein

“Life is absurd and meaningless – unless you bring meaning to it, unless you make something of it. It is up to us to create our own existence.”
- Alan Alda

“In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”
- Camus

March 1, 2008

Who Saves the World

 Summit of Peace by Golden Flower
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As an International Airline Pilot I get to see parts of the world I otherwise might not have the opportunity to explore. It is a great opportunity to get to experience and learn from different cultures. It helps me to understand that Peoples all over the world are really much more alike than different. They all want Peace, Food, and Hope for a Better Future.

So far, I have traveled from the United States to England, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Japan. People everywhere are generally very friendly and will go out of their way to help a traveler. Rather than focusing on our differences, we would be much better served to understand our similarities and relish in what we can learn from our difference. When we realize we are all one people, we are less likely to fight each other, and when we appreciate our differences and what we can learn from them, we enrich our lives.

My work schedule is assigned about a month in advance, and last July, I had a trip that went from Chicago to London, Los Angeles, London, and back to Chicago over a six-day period. I was scheduled to do that trip twice in July of 2005.

On July 7, a series of bombs destroyed the calm in London, and the World changed again. During my trip about a week later, I was part of the first crew to stay at our downtown hotel since the incident. We were lodged near the Edgware train station, which was still blocked off with evidence tape. I was deeply troubled that peoples felt this was a suitable way of solving their differences, or that some people had been denied a voice to such an extent that this was the only means of expression left to them. There had to be a better way, and I wondered if I could help create it.

Upon waking the next morning, one block from the Edgware station that been bombed the prior week, I had these thoughts:

Who saves the World

It matters very little WHO saves our world, what is of Great Importance is that she be saved.

By working together to bring Peace Consciousness into the collective consciousness, we can elevate humanity to a higher level of thinking, to where they see the egoistic machinations of the few for what they are, and simply refuse to play their games any longer. We the People of Planet Earth will look upon that type of leader with pity for their small thinking, follow a higher calling, and simply relegate the old warring way of thinking to the dustbin of irrelevance.

In this way we do not need to defeat these old style “leaders” in battle, we simply refuse to fight their battles for them. We will cease to play the part of pawn on their chessboard, but instead will play the role of Peaceful Emissary's to the peoples of our home planet. As an ever increasing numbers of peoples realize this higher level of consciousness, we will become self-governing and at the same time ungovernable with respect to following the old ways of war.

In the future the people will immediately recognize warlike thinking for what it is, small and petty. They will pity the old style “leaders,” recognize they are stuck in the old paradigm, and simply not follow them any more. We the People of Planet Earth will provide incentives so that seeking peaceful alternatives will become the preferred course of action. Such things as the development of new energy sources will be shared among the peaceful nations of the Earth, and denied those who still choose conflict or would turn the technologies to weaponry. The peaceful paradigm will become the desired paradigm among nations and among peoples who recognize their fundamental oneness with each other, and humanity will grow and prosper in it. Thus will become the way of the world.

So Mote it Be.

-- PC

The initials PC stand for Peace Consciousness, and can be adopted by any great thinker whenever they wish a contribution to be considered on its merits and not overshadowed by the person's position or diminished by their station. Thus, contributions from the Dalai Lama and David from Denver can be considered equally on their merits, and we can hopefully transcend the competitive nature of humanity and instead create a collective thought form that exceeds the sum of its parts.

What is Love?

One often hears others state that they wish there was more peace in the world, or that more nations were at peace. Humorous motion pictures, books, and articles that contain scenes from beauty pageants often depict one or more of the contestants in that pageant stating a desire for world peace. Peace does not occur within a vacuum. This individual mental and social condition arises in the presence of other human experiences or conditions such as understanding, tolerance of others, the will to and the process of sharing, happiness, and love. The emergent leadership theories of transforming and servant leadership base their postulation on the attainment of moral sensibility and an attitude of service. In other words, they both are based on principles grounded in love. Such attitudes are critical to the building and enjoyment of world peace. Today many large businesses possess the financial clout of some small countries and are often able to influence what goes on within the borders of many of them. A few individuals have also amassed fortunes that rival emerging nations in power and influence. Situations such as these give even more importance to the adoption of attitudes of service, morality, transformation, and love. This article endeavors to uncover the meaning of one of these emotional conditions: the emotion of love.

Love is everything, everywhere, and everlasting. Love will exist as long as the Cosmic exists, because love is an attribute of the Cosmic. You may wonder why I contend that love is an attribute of the Cosmic. There are several reasons. First, if you agree that the Cosmic is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent, then everything in creation, including thought and emotion ensues from the Cosmic and is composed of Cosmic properties. If you are a member of the Christian faith the following analogy may be helpful: the Christian Bible states that Jesus is the Son of God. It also states that the Son and the Father are One. And finally, it has been said that Master Jesus was love made manifest. Therefore if Jesus is Love made manifest, and Jesus and God are One, then love and God are one; or, love is an aspect, expression, or attribute of God. Also keep in mind that it has also been said that Master Jesus is the Light of the world. I will delve into light and its relationship to love later in this article.

Can love, as most of us have come to know it, be characterized or subdivided? Can a person love one person more, or to a greater degree than they can another? If a person feels they can, and do, then I suggest that they haven’t uncovered the true meaning of love. In instances such as these, perhaps the person has not experienced true love, but rather, superfluous infatuations and attraction to life and objects on the physical plane of existence.

Love radiates throughout the Cosmos, as do rays of sunlight radiate from our sun. I believe this is because love is the emotional thought which holds the Cosmos together. I remind you of the biblical verse “In the beginning was the Word.” Also remember that Jesus was called the Logos, or the Word made flesh. Meditate upon these thoughts. A word when thought or spoken becomes vibration. Everything in existence is nothing more than vibration. That is, everything is composed of subatomic or atomic energy, and as such, is constantly in motion—a state of flux, whether it be composed of a wave or a particle. The energy of love is universal, and touches all in its path evenly. It does not pick and choose. Until we experience universal love, or love of the Cosmic, we can only theorize and philosophize.

All around us, we hear people refer to various forms of love: brotherly, carnal, materialistic, passionate, etc. But I ask you, how can love, being universal in nature, have so many aspects? Surely it doesn’t. Love is simply love. It can’t be bottled up or labeled. Such labeling is a result of humanity’s objective reasoning, and not natural law. Love is also unconditional. No one possesses it, yet we all share in the possession of it.

What most of us refer to as love is in reality, passion or desire. True love contains neither. When one experiences universal love, all things, including people, are equalized. One who experiences it loves ants, weeds, their family, etc., to the same degree and with the same force—the love force. The result of experiencing such true love is peace.

When one experiences universal love they discover one of life’s greatest secrets: that there is no secret, or magic key to proper living. Universal love is simplicity at its best. It requires us to empty our minds of all preconceived notions of what love is or isn’t, should or shouldn’t be, and so forth. When one experiences universal love, they experience the totality of their being. They discover that all life stems from the same Mother-Father God. They realize that we are all sisters and brothers, forever and always united. Only when such loving experiences have been had, can one make the right decisions concerning their future, and how they interact with others. Only then shall peace reign eternal on earth.

Universal, or Cosmic, love has often been compared to a two edged sword. In a way this is an accurate comparison, for all things are dual in nature. All things possess positive and negative aspects. Although love has a negative aspect, love itself is always positive. The negative aspect arises in its absence. This is similar to light and darkness (think of the deepest meaning of the Psalm 23). Darkness has no actual existence. It is one of our realities. It is simply the negative aspect of light. Neither does darkness have power. It is energy-less. It is our fear of the unknown that projects power into darkness. Our fear gives it power, and its power is that very fear itself, and the effect it has upon our thoughts and emotions. As an example, let’s assume we are in a well-lit room that has no windows. When the lights in the room are on, objects in the room are easily recognized, and we are confident in moving around while bathed in the light. Now, let’s close the door and turn the room’s lights off. Are we as confident in our actions as we were when the lights were on? Probably not. Where did the darkness come from? It didn’t come from anywhere, because it has no positive attributes. In other words, it does not exist. Try measuring darkness by degrees, or some other scale. You can’t do it. You can only measure light in its varying intensities. So, when the lights are turned off, we find that darkness is the negative aspect of light. Darkness is the absence of light. And so it is with hot and cold. We can only measure heat. And we can only give credence to love: hate, envy, so-called evil, etc., only manifest in the absence of love. You and I give power to these negative attributes of love. As you can see, we either express love, or we don’t. There are no degrees of it. But as said earlier, we sometimes mistake desire and passion for love.

Can love or the negative aspect of it hurt us? On the surface this might appear to be a truism. But upon closer scrutiny we will see that it is not. Let’s analyze this question as it applies to this ancient Sufi saying: “Sometimes the only cure for illness is death.” This sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. To understand this statement one has to possess knowledge of Karmic law. If the word “Karmic” startles or upsets you, it shouldn’t. All religions and most philosophies profess the law of Karma, but may not refer to it as such. Karma is the great equalizer. It keeps our lives and everything in creation in balance. Karma allows for a harmonizing of world, and universal forces. Christian scriptures refer to Karma in a veiled manner, with statements such as “an eye for an eye” (Exodus 21:24), and, “And his disciples asked Him, saying Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” (John 9:2), etc. Therefore, when illness is brought upon us by our having to pay a Karmic debt, or by our having lived our lives inharmoniously, this means that we have failed to allow love to express itself through us. We have failed to live in harmony with natural laws. Illness and other forms of tragedy are placed before us in an attempt to teach us the error of our ways. If we continually fail to learn from these valuable lessons, Karma will exact its most powerful toll: Death of the organism, failure of a governmental system, etc.

As you may have surmised, love and Karma are closely related. To live a full and healthy life we should always try to live in harmony with natural law—God’s law. Karma is impartial. It dispenses both positive and what we may perceive as negative forces. If we express love in our lives, good health, happiness and peace will be our reward. On the other hand, if we choose to live in the absence of light and love, Karmic law will cause corrective action in the form of an object lesson—a learning experience, to be applied. The choice is always ours, for we attract or build Karma based upon our thoughts and actions. When we think about our future, we should always be aware of Karmic law, and how it will attempt to exact payment for our labors, be they good or bad. Our actions today determine what we will reap in the future. This holds true for individuals, organizations, and nations.

From time to time, mentally extricate yourself from the environment you’re in. Observe the actions of those in your presence. Try to express thoughts and feelings of love to all of these personalities. While mentally withdrawn from your environment, imagine the myriad of actions being performed by other people here on earth. Think of births, robberies, donations, marriages, deaths, etc. Where do you fit in? Are you as important as you think you are? Sure you are. But celebrate the unique characteristics of your personality in a quiet and humble fashion. See love as an integral part of all that takes place. Forgive the evildoers, for they are like children. They have not yet learned the virtues and benefits of trying to live a spiritually oriented life: a life where doing good things for others is the cornerstone of growth and development as a member of the human race. It is a precursor and cornerstone of peace. Keep in mind that such individuals have willingly removed their thoughts and actions so far from love’s light due to their exercise of free will that they may no longer realize or recognize its presence. They appear to live in darkness. But also remember that no one actually lives in darkness. Some, however, do choose to live in the absence of light. Do whatever you can to focus more light into these apparent pockets of darkness. The more light (love) you shine forth, the more shall you receive, and the better you and mankind will be for it. This is Karmic law. Lest the vessel be emptied, it cannot be filled with new refreshment. With this knowledge you can safely walk through the valley of darkness and fear no evil, for your Inner Light, the light of love and knowledge illuminates the path ahead. Because darkness is the negative aspect of light, it cannot exist in light’s presence. When you’re in that darkened room, light a match. Where does the darkness go? When one has come to a full understanding and belief of these principles, they will have truly come to understand what love is, and from whence it comes! The understanding of the concept of love, along with its accompanying conditions of understanding, tolerance, happiness, and sharing, is one sure way to discover and enjoy personal and world peace.

-- Thomas Sagacious

Some Thoughts on Reality, Actuality, Presumptuousness, and Tolerance

Fallibility is part of the human condition. Unfortunately, we often seem to disregard this fundamental truth. Though we might agree with it when pinned down, we often act contrary to it in our daily interchange with others. We simply let our egos lead us astray when we fail to properly consider the other’s point and insist that we’re right and they’re wrong. Permitting a little bit of humility to temper our behavior here, we could go a long way in making the world a better place.

Some Thoughts on Reality, Actuality, Presumptuousness, and Tolerance

"True wisdom is less presuming than folly.
The wise man doubteth often, and changeth his mind;
the fool is obstinate and doubteth not;
he knoweth all things but his own ignorance."

-- Unto Thee I Grant

Listening to much of today’s political debate, the thoughtful person cannot help but be struck by the obnoxious tone of it. Far from respectfully disagreeing, the rivaling factions battle with such hateful anger as if locked in mortal combat. This is particularly evident in the banter that occurs on the many talk shows that are broadcasting across the country. The arguments are mostly along the lines of the two major ideologies that make up American political thinking—liberalism and conservatism. Fired on by the often radical pronouncements of the talk show hosts, the callers are ranting about the evils of the other side with a degree of contempt and odium that has led to the point where some of these shows have actually been labeled Hate Radio.

Striking too, is the widespread preoccupation with the words “true” and “truth” that is exhibited by the proponents of the respective sides. They never seem to miss an opportunity in using those terms to label their own beliefs. Perhaps, this is what is at the core of what is troubling to the more circumspect listener, particularly the student of Rosicrucian principles.

The terms reality and truth are commonly considered interchangeable, even synonymous. The word reality and its derivatives permeate everyday usage of the language. Phrases like “get real” and “the reality of it is…,” or “reality check” are part of everyone’s conversation. They are used in response to the perceived nonsensical, the phony, the mythical, and the false. A commercial somewhere admonishes that “perception is not always reality.” Rosicrucians go further in equating perception with reality and in pointing out that the difference is between reality and actuality. Reality is what we “realize” through our perception. It is what we perceive through our, somewhat fallible, five senses and our far from perfect minds. Actuality is what describes the true, the actual nature of things and events. We humans are not always able to discern the difference. Once we understand this we become a lot less reckless in our employment of the word “truth.” Philosophies and ideologies, also political and even religions views, while often formulated by folks of superior intelligence, are all prone to be flawed and subject to debate. They all originate in human thinking. Great and respected philosophers clash in their views and ideas, which are often diametrically opposed to one another. In view of this, it would seem an astonishing presumptuousness for a person to lay claim to the absolute truth in an argument.

Differences of opinion are natural. Moreover, in the light of Hegelian dialectics they are beneficial in the search for agreement and resolution of conflict. If one starts with the idea that either side of an argument is rarely ever entirely correct, the resolution is greater in value than the sum of the arguments. Inflexibility and stubborn insistence on the validity of one’s own views are often counterproductive and even foolish. This is not to say that there are not great controversies that have deep rooted beliefs at their foundation on both sides. Those beliefs may compel the holder to fight to the death in defense of them. Two examples of such divisive issues are the bitter disagreements over the issues of abortion and capital punishment. Abortion is held to be the inalienable right of the mother by the proponents of the “pro-choice” side, who say that it is her right to decide on matters concerning her body. The “pro-life” faction on the other hand, holds that abortion is the taking of the life of a human being. Both have compelling and honestly felt arguments. In the case of the death penalty the arguments are perhaps more complex, if only because they cross the line of religious belief. There are religious as well as non-religious followers on both sides of the capital punishment issue with both sides bringing compelling arguments to the table. If a criminal commits a capital crime, gets convicted and sentenced to life in prison, then gets paroled and kills again, a very strong case can be made that, had he been executed, society would have been acting in self defense and an innocent life would have been saved. On the other hand, opponents could argue that the blame should be placed with the faulty justice system that granted parole to a murderer. These opponents point to the many false convictions that have placed innocent people on death row. This time supporters will blame the imperfect system. The point is that, while it may be easy to come out on either side of the line for those prone to make snap decisions based on visceral or emotional reaction, the more thoughtful will find those decisions much more difficult. And they will be much less likely to condemn the other side for their opinion.

To make things even tougher for the thoughtful amongst us, such reluctance to clearly come out for or against an issue is often treated less than kindly by a society that places great value on “taking a stand”. It is considered weak and derided as wishy-washy. Steadfastness of views is considered a virtue and desirable, particularly in those seeking leadership positions in life. Whether these views are of proven value often seems of secondary importance. Similarly, changing one’s mind is viewed with great prejudice. The proverbial right to change one’s mind is chauvinistically reserved for the female sex. In actuality, of course, an occasional change of mind or a reluctance to take a stand is often nothing but an expression of conscience and concern about acting correctly when faced with decisions of great importance.

Based on the premise of the fallibility of our senses and perception, the Rosicrucian teachings remind us to be tolerant of other points of view. By the same token we should be hesitant in presenting our own as fundamental truth. It is probably not too far fetched to state that this attitude could go a long way in preventing hostility and acrimonious disagreement in our daily lives, in the hallowed halls of Congress, and in relations amongst the nations of the world. The world has come a long way in limiting the wars of attrition that so dominated the eras of feudalism and of the great monarchies. Today’s wars are largely fought over ideological or religious differences and nationalistic interests. Unfortunately, these conflicts often result in much greater bloodshed and loss of life because, much like the religious wars of old, they are based on the self-righteous assumption that “we are right and they are wrong.” While the old wars of attrition generally ended once the territory was annexed and the superior force had prevailed, conflicts over ideology, religion, or nationalism seemingly rage on forever. Witness the chronic hotspots in the Middle East or the Balkans, as well as those in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. If there is ever going to be peace in those regions it will have to come through compromise and willingness to live together with folks of different beliefs. And compromise is not likely to occur unless the warring sides manage to conjure up some recognition and respect for the arguments of the other side.

This then may just be the challenge of the twenty first century. The human race will have to come to terms with the fact that lasting peace will require tolerance, patience and the humility that comes from the realization that we are one; and that our differences stem from the imperfection that is inherent in our humanity.


Peace Begins Within

In order for peace to prevail, we must alter our thinking to believe that as individuals we can make a difference in the world. As a result of our efforts, it will be seen that we honor and are tolerant of each other’s humanity, respecting our differences and emphasizing our similarities.

Peace begins with centering the self…

If we wish to ease the burden that is ‘”out there” in the world, it is necessary to ease our own burdens first. To help accomplish this, we must focus the mind or consciousness to reflect within and pray for assistance from the Cosmic Energy, God, the Great Source, the Mind, or however we choose to recognize the ultimate power of life and being.

Someone once said, “God doesn’t make junk.” We must know that we are loved by God, for we are a part of God. We must love ourselves with all our faults and failings, yet strive to overcome these. Most of us let little things get under our skin from time to time. We play a blame game that makes us victims of imagined wrongs. We do not accept responsibility for effects we feel from actions we have caused. When we can get away from our own self-deception that tells us we are not good enough, and move instead to a point of balance and self-love, then we are able to achieve a state of imperturbability. Then the small stuff ceases to bother us. This creates a peace of mind within and a consciousness poised to serve others as well as ourselves.

Earth roots humanity to the same strivings…

Everyday on this planet people are working hard to survive. There is great disparity among the human race: some are born in wealth, more in poverty; some in fine health, others in a daily struggle to exist. Yet, however one may encounter humanity, the basic needs are the same—food, shelter, water, health, self-respect, employment, appreciation, love, laughter, family. In fact, there is so much more in common that should bring us together, rather than drive us apart by dwelling on differences. Neil Diamond’s song, “Done Too Soon,” poignantly emphasizes this sameness: “They all sweated beneath the same sun, looked up in wonder at the same moon; and wept when it was all done, for being done too soon.”

We all tread the ground beneath us. It is a foundation and a connection for us while we are here on Mother Earth. We have choices in how we deal with those we encounter on our path in life. Recently in Canada there was a program bringing Palestinian and Israeli teenagers together at a summer camp. Through games and projects where they needed to rely on each other for success and even safety, these young people gained respect for one another and a sense of hope for their shared future in the Middle East. Their cautious “cease fire” was nurtured by seeing each other as non-threatening and having like goals simply as people. This gives us hope.

Air is the breath of God we share…

Another commonality of the human race is evident in the biblical verse in Genesis which says “God breathed the breath of life into man and he became a living soul.” In other words, every breath of air we take is life, is God, and we are all, therefore, connected through the one soul. This truly makes us brothers and sisters with every other person on earth. Think about that….we all come from the same source, and air, or nous, connects us all.

There is a line in Leon Uris’ book Exodus which reads, “The dead share the earth in peace; it is time for the living.” With every breath, we in-spire the consciousness of God. How we choose to use this great gift of life is up to us. Let us choose peace.

Charity for one another can begin with a smile…

For peace to have a chance we must reach out to others through love, hope, and service. If we think a smile may not seem like very much, remember Mother Theresa’s words: “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” It is up to us to make the first move. We have a suffering, war-torn world if we make the wrong choices, or choose to do nothing.

We know that thoughts are things that have creative energy. By sending thoughts of peace and harmonium to our beloved Earth, to Gaia, to people from every nation, culture, and creed, as well as to all creatures great and small, we help to bring that peace into reality. Our positive thoughts and prayers have many times the energy of any negative consciousness, for that negativity ultimately returns to poison the thinker. How much better it is to assist in the raising of humanity’s collective consciousness in an upward spiral, however slowly that may manifest.

One wonderful exercise for this process is a guided peace meditation written by Dr. Lonnie Edwards of AMORCLink to Water-Light Meditation, where the flags of each country are first focused upon with thoughts of peace, love, healing, sharing, etc., and then are sent back to their home countries carrying concentrated energy for peace throughout the globe. Each of us can easily give a few minutes time to perform this kind of simple and loving service to mankind.

Egos subdued, our higher selves prevail…

For most of our lives, it has been so easy to imagine ourselves as entities separated from everything else around us. Sadly, much of the world is consumed by feelings of selfishness and lack. An attempt is made to soothe this misconception by moving from one material pleasure to another. If, as shown above, we can now see that we must master ourselves first, see that happiness lies within, and that we are all one family of humanity, we may begin to eliminate pride, fear, hate, greed, resentment, vengefulness, anger, and all ego-based energies. In their place we can exhibit tolerance, love, sharing, caring, respect, dignity and a host of other aspects of the higher self.

Wordsworth put it well, “The world is too much with us late and soon. Getting and spending we lay waste our powers, little we see in nature that is ours, we have given our hearts away, a sordid boon.”

In summary, we find that peace requires each human mind or consciousness to recognize “Ma,” the mothering aspect of our earthly strivings, coupled with ubiquitous air, which is the Holy Spirit we must be ready to receive, plus “Ra,” the love of God expressed by humanity as service. Yet this trinity is dependent upon free will to subdue the ego allowing our consciousness to align with the will of God. We must combine these aspects to create peace. Now if this seems daunting, just remember to charitably smile and keep trying, for the mystical law states that “if we will to do, we will be given the power to do.”

So mote it be.

--Phoenix Rose

Click here to listen to the meditation mentioned in this essay.

Looking for a Better World: Spiritual Alchemy

The Alchemists of old worked over many years…centuries...in their quest to turn base metals into gold. At least that is the popular notion. In fact, alchemy is a blend of science and philosophy. It has been so since before the Common Era, when the ancient chemists did attempt to turn inexpensive metals into expensive ones...but always with the underlying thoughts that their work was also symbolically related to the perfection of life.

Alchemy started in China and India, then the Egyptians developed it to a high state. They postulated that earth, air, fire and water could be combined into anything ... anything at all! That concept is translated into the notion of Spiritual Alchemy, which is that we can transform any part of our negative thinking or our unworthy deeds into something more valuable. It is a way of looking at Good, Right Action and Positive Thinking

So, each day, each moment, reflect on how you can change the world by changing your reaction to the everyday things that confront you. Use Spiritual Alchemy! Turn any little unhappiness into happiness ... by seeing the good in everything that you possibly can!

Turn greed into charity ...instead of viewing the benefit of something to you, consider the benefit to others. Want for others...especially those in greater need...rather than wanting for yourself. Turn ego into admiration for others, rather than for yourself. Turn anger into contentment, by realizing that the poison of the mean spirit will do more harm than good, and that by recognizing the good in another, you are making the world a better place.

Chaos can become order, through alchemy. Using organization and doing what is right can bring sense and dignity to almost anything! It is easy to write these words but not so easy to accomplish. But, if you have the desire to bring order and beauty into your life, it can be done. And even if you do not succeed at first, you will have enriched your self-esteem and, even in some small way, energized the condition in a positive way.

Turn brutality into kindness. There is no small deed and no kindness that is insignificant. A kind word, holding the door open for someone, complementing another, thanking another or easing the pain or the effort of one who may be infirm...all of these, no matter how small or no matter how little effort is used, are a gift to the Spirit and all make for a little more peace on the planet.

Through the power of the Spirit and Positive Thinking, do your best to disallow depression ... turn, instead, to happy thoughts. Look for the Light, the good side of an issue. Visualize a happy and positive outcome of whatever it is that is causing you some mental grief. I promise you that if you think positive thoughts, they will manifest into the reality, in ways that will surprise you.

Be considerate of others rather than inconsiderate. Road rage is a product of our fast paced existence and it is a dangerous phenomenon. Be considerate of other drivers...don’t give in to the impulse for aggression...relax and let the other car go first, even if that driver is in the wrong!

In our lives we see many opportunities to curb aggression, to be gentle and caring. Many times we see someone crashing a line of people waiting for one thing or another. They do not wait their turn because they are rude, inconsiderate, self-serving ... in other words, of mean spirit. Don’t be one of them! You be the one to stand aside and let them push and shove ... you be the one of good Spirit who is turning lead into gold.

Jealousy can become admiration. Admire the accomplishments of others ... learn from them. Don’t envy them, emulate them. Be happy for the achievements of others. Be happy that those you know are contributing to the good of the planet. Love the idea that others are successful.

The Seven Deadly Sins, anger, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride and sloth can all be turned in a good thing, as we have discussed above for some of them. But whatever the negative or mean-spirited event is that you might encounter in daily life, work the wonder of Spiritual Alchemy and bathe in the positivity that you will produce!

As a philosophy, Looking For a Better World clearly contains the idea that each of us should strive for living a life of Right Behavior. It seems to me that idea is the basic building block for building world peace. First with self, then family, then friends, then neighbors, then all in whom we come in contact.

It takes no imagination to realize what this world would be if everyone understood this! Everyone wants to do the right thing ... it is born in us. It is a basic element of the human condition. It is only through the learned dogmas and extremist distortions of what is right that we have come to this dangerous world of ours. Even some murderers believe that they are doing the right thing! The problem is that the right thing is not always defined as it should be. Let’s explore that.

The early Avatars had it right. If you compare the Ten Commandments with the Eightfold Path of Buddha, for instance, you will see the amazing similarities. And so it is with most of the early religious and mystical thinking. Actually, the precepts of Right Action are contained in all of the early religious and mystical writings. There are many more similarities than there are differences.

Even the Koran speaks to the similarities. Again, it is the contemporary disciples and the learned hatreds that create the dissension and violence. If Mohammed were alive, he would rebel against the extremists who rape and murder under his flag. And so would Jesus.

So, if we understand what is really right...and if we breathe it and live it and teach it to our children, then we have a real chance to change things. And what is really right is actually easy to understand: Do nothing that will harm another.

Try to be as helpful as you can to others. (This makes you a nice guy or girl...and it is one of the best contributions towards making this a better world!)

Work well at what you do ... be the best you can be.

See only good in all things and all people. (Some days that can be a contest! But do your best to try to see only good. In trying, you will be a better person.)

You may recognize that these ideas are similar to parts of the Ten Commandments. Don’t be surprised. All of the early Avitars had good things to say!

It does not take a genius to see that what is really right is easy to define. And it is easy to see that what the extremists today are doing in the name of their God is not right. Right is right; it is not subject to interpretation. The modern alchemist needs to transform behavior that is not right into behavior that is right. A daunting task for today’s world, I admit. And a Utopia worth pursuing.

-- The Alchemist

Peace on Earth 2027

As we begin the journey toward world peace let us say one simple prayer: May I look for and find what we have in common rather than concentrate on what makes us different. Remember that what you can picture in your mind, you can cause to happen with a “little help from your friends.” The universe is waiting to help you.

The picture of peace that you envision may be altogether different than your neighbor’s vision. Here is the hard part. Your neighbor is just as entitled to their vision as you are to yours.

When the world began, it began with certain laws of Nature. The greatest law is the law of harmony. When we listen to beautiful four-part harmony and hear how it blends together, we know that those who are singing had to practice. First, they each practiced alone, and, then, when they each knew their own part, they put the four parts together and recorded it. Life is like that. Things work better when we pull together for a common cause. Let us make Peace our cause, and harmony our mission.

I’ll let you in on a big SECRET. The more you can stay in a state of peace and harmony, the more likely you are to find prosperity.

Darkness is only the absence of light. Discrimination and hate are just the absence of education. On our journey to peace on earth, we will establish universal education for all children, male and female, in all corners of the world. To establish peace, we must first start with our own hearts, souls, and minds. Next we must make peace with our personal family and friends. No more domestic violence. Quit wasting energy on blame, just keep searching until you are able to get it fixed.

At one point in time I worked for IBM in the USA. The man who started IBM was Thomas Watson and he had a saying: “If you see a problem and do nothing to resolve it, you become part of the problem.”

Give your love freely for it is the most renewable of resources. Remember, there are many forms of love. A little thought up front may save a broken heart. May God, Allah, and the universe bless you with Peace Profound.

-- Powerpeace

Peace Starts in our Thoughts and in our Hearts

We, the citizens of Planet Earth, have created a world of duality. We have tied ourselves to a concept of “us against them.” We have perpetuated the belief that there are “good guys” and “bad guys;” and, that the “good guys” are here to either eradicate the “bad guys” or convert them to “love and light.”

This world of duality is an illusion, founded on the belief that opposites co-exist in the world: hot and cold, war and peace, heaven and hell, good and evil. This is faulty thinking. Hot and cold are not opposites. They are the same energy, vibrating differently. We freeze water, and it turns into ice. We raise the vibration again, and it melts. We raise it again, and it turns to steam. Similarly, love and hate are not opposites. Raise the vibration of hate, and you create conditional love. Here is an example, “I’ll love you, provided that you support me financially, and play the role that I want you to play.” Raise the vibration again, and it becomes unconditional love. “I love you regardless of what you do, say, think, feel or be. No matter what, I will always love you.” Raise the vibration again, and you create compassion and gratitude.

How does duality, faulty thinking, and the laws of vibration relate to creating peace on Earth? Our dominant thoughts, feelings and emotions create our reality. Ask yourselves these questions: Do I feel worthy of experiencing peace no matter what is happening around me? Do I feel worthy of transmitting and receiving energies of unconditional love and above?

What we create for ourselves within is the microcosm for what we create on the outside. We tend to externalize and project our judgments, worries, concerns, phobias, and fears into the world. When we judge others, or ourselves, we contribute to the collective thought pool that keep humanity in a perpetual state of fear, avoidance, and denial. We plant seeds which blossom into disease, hunger, poverty, famine, pestilence, natural disasters, tribal conflicts, and war. Our negative ego, the sum of all the fear resonating in our four body system, creates the havoc we externalize as “other” and “bad.”

Let’s look at an example. What happens when we get angry with a child, parent, relative, friend, co-worker, employee, or boss? That anger is projected, affecting those around us. Inappropriate cords of energy are sent from the angry one to the others’ chakras, creating discomfort and harm to both parties. The angry one may turn the anger inwards, even consequently developing physical dysfunction such as cancer. Anger spirals outward and inward, affecting all in its path. If people are not aware, it can cause harm and invoke fear wherever it goes.

We must pay attention to our thoughts. When we project anger, fear or hatred at terrorists, murderers, politicians, ethnic groups, states, nations, the military-industrial complex, or any other individual or group that may trigger us, we are contributing to problems. When we allow the media to shape our thoughts and feelings, we are using our energy to maintain old fear-based patterns and beliefs, which fuels more fear, conflict, and violence.

There are people in positions of power in our corporations, governments, and our ultra-wealthy families, who are afraid of the “new.” They are afraid of unity and harmony consciousness. They are afraid of anything that would erode their base of power. Their focus is to keep humanity, and the world, on the same destructive path it has been on for a very, very long time. We can be part of the solution. A powerful way to move the world and humanity into a paradigm of peace is to start with yourself. Don’t be a fear finder. Be a love finder.

We can use our discernment, seek alternative sources of information, and consider many points of view. We must be vigilant in ascertaining the truth, by reclaiming our personal power and thinking for ourselves. To some degree we have all been lazy and complacent. We live in a free will universe. We can make the choice now to see things differently and to do things differently.

What can we do? First, we can change our thoughts. As we change our thoughts, we change our lives. How can we do this? One way is to keep daily journals, recording each time we find ourselves in judgement or fear. When we memorialize what we were thinking, feeling, and seeing in moments of judgment and fear, we increase our awareness so we can do a “re-take.” Then, we can visualize, in detail, what we would have been feeling, thinking, and seeing had we been coming from a heart-space of compassion and unconditional love. Record this “re-take” in the journal. Thus, we can help re-imprint the Akashic records (the planetary holographic records of all that has ever been, is and can be, and is accessible by all for inspiration on how to live one’s life) with unity consciousness, harmony, and peace. Each time we release fear or judgment and re-choose to be a conscious, aware, loving being, we rewrite the past and future. We make it possible for those who follow to access the records and act upon new inspiration.

We are all very powerful. However, many of us have chosen to disregard or negate this power. We may experience an unexplainable fear of causing harm when we start coming into our power. We may not trust ourselves to do the “right thing” if power is bestowed upon us. Our fears may be based upon actions taken, or not taken, in past or future lives. We may have consciously or unconsciously decided that we are not trustworthy; that if we come into our personal power and help Gaia or humanity, we will cause death, destruction, or harm again.

Part of coming into self mastery and becoming a force for peace is to release our fears and judgments with gratitude. When we do, space is created to ground the new. The new is unity consciousness, compassion, harmony, and peace.

How do we come into a space of gratitude? How do we integrate feeling grateful into the intimate fabric of our lives so that it is just an integral part of who we are in all moments? One easy way to start is to make a gratitude list. Write down everything in your life, large and small, that you are grateful for. Decide that your gratitude list will not be stagnant, but ever growing.

Add to it each week. Read your gratitude list at least once a day, really feeling in your heart how eternally grateful you truly are for all of the events and blessings in your life.

We can start small with ourselves and move outward. How we live our lives in each and every moment touches more people than we will ever know. Each time we choose to be grateful instead of constricting into anger, criticism, negativity or fear, we choose to ground and express more love. We choose to imprint the conscious, living history of humanity with a positive, new way of looking at and doing things. This is very powerful and easy to do.

How else can we personally become a force for peace? Pray for guidance and direction in how you may serve. Here’s a very powerful way to do this. Right now, sit upright with your feet flat on the floor and your spine straight. Breath into your high heart, feel the love, and relax. Now let’s call forth God, the Masters, Gaia (the Spirit of Earth), and our guides to assist us in this process. We ask that our cosmic purpose for being here flood from the God Force/God Source down our crown chakras, through all of our bodies, down our grounding cords, and into the heart of the Earth. Feel this higher purpose for being here, flooding, filling and expanding our knowingness and awareness. We also have an earthly purpose for being here, and Gaia knows this purpose. Let’s call forth Gaia to send the energy of our earthly purpose for being here up our grounding cords, into our high hearts and flooding all of our bodies. Let’s feel the energy of our earthly and Cosmic purpose flooding into our core star ( the essential Being within, the Source self) “down” from the God Force/God Source and “up” from Gaia. The core star is “located” in the center of your being, which is often felt deep within around the heart/abdomen area. Feel the core star expanding in unconditional love, compassion, and gratitude. Now, in this moment, we can pray. We ask Mother/Father God, “How may I serve right here, right now? I’m open. I’m ready. I’m listening. I’m willing. How may I serve?” Then, feel into the answers presented. Feel and know that our prayers for being the servant of peace are being answered right here, right now.

Know this, and feel this. Become an instrument for peace through the power of prayer. Be persistent and consistent in connecting with the God Force/God Source and Gaia through prayer, and be inspired!

What else can we do to become an active force for peace? We can take action. We can investigate various organizations, locally, nationally, and globally, that are pro-peace. Which one interests us or resonates with us? Maybe we will give of our time. Maybe we will financially support their work. In my opinion, two excellent organizations to financially support are Greenpeace International, www.greenpeace.org/international, and www.threecupsoftea.com. The latter, Greg Mortenson’s organization, promotes peace by building and funding private, non-sectarian schools for boys and girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It is important to ground our spiritual mission for peace with concrete action. We are the ones here on the ground with the power to make a difference. Those on the inner planes can provide support and guidance. Change starts in our hearts and our thoughts, and, through our actions, moves to our community, the world, and beyond. It is up to us to do something now.

When we believe that any part of us is unlovable, we contribute to the hate and fear we read in the news and see in the world. War is not only “out there.” It starts inside us. It begins with our thought-form creations. When we change our thoughts, we change the world. Psychological clarity in all we do creates the road to self-mastery and peace. When we support that clarity with the power of prayer, tithing, and concrete action, we help to anchor the Golden Age on Earth, right here and right now!

-- Violet Earth Girl

Peace Came by for a Welcome Stay

Mandala Rose by Golden Flower
Peace came by for a welcome stay
Upon soft winds blowing
Behind sunlit rays.
Upon snowflakes twirling softly down
Disquiet smothered on sparkled ground.
Upon blue sky horizons after storms relent,
On colored leaves and rose’s scent.
She rose with the moon shining ‘cross the bay
The quiet of night to support her reign.
As showers drench earth’s thirsty floor
She patters her sounds of heaven’s shores.

Yes, peace came by for a welcome stay
Upon a child’s face asleep from play.
With a mother’s smile of loving care
Upon a baby’s wide bewildered stare.
Upon white peaked mountains with clouds arrayed
And hidden gusts stirring powder astray.

Oh peace, she came by for a welcome stay
She entered my study where I quietly lay.
I caught her moment of subtle advance
With a wink I awoke from a soothing trance.

Yes, peace came by for a welcome stay
Yet, when I questioned her
She went away.

-- Gradarius


The source of our soul
The brightness to light our path
The whiteness to protect us
The Cosmic energy

The gift to breathe
The ability to feel and learn
The force in our bodies
The energy of being

The heart energy
The energy to conquer all
The Universal Peace
The Love Star

-- Mystic One

A Primer for Peace on Earth

Children learn what they live, it’s said,
So teach them right from the start
To treasure each person and not be misled;
Look for feelings straight from the heart.

Each soul wants to be loved, and yet
Each soul fears to be teased.
We put ourselves out there and then we fret
Our egos we’ll need to appease.

Gaze into the eyes of people you meet
And study them with all your senses.
Judge not their clothes nor accent nor treat
Them as if putting up your defenses.

For who knows where that soul has traveled?
What trials and issues arose?
Might not your own life have come unraveled
At some other time been opposed?

Tolerance may be hard exhibited
Unless we choose to display
The law: from heav’n we’re prohibited
‘Til others we repay.

Act not in fear for we’re just here to serve
Our brethren all over the earth.
Act for the world with love, joy and verve
To set your example of worth.

And so we must strive to build confidence,
To know we are not of this world.
That lessons here are just recompense
‘Til in heaven our true selves are unfurled.

Some day we’ll return to try our new plan;
The dead share earth in peace and forgiving,
We must get it right for each woman and man
And thus, make now a time for the living.

-- Phoenix Rose


On the beautiful terrain of the island of Cyprus
She was running with her long hair blowing
In the Wind ~ like a graceful, young Gazelle.

She Sang with the Gypsies
Pure and True ~ listening to their
Wonderful stories every night by the Fire.

She dove into the sparking Mediterranean Sea
And swam with the incredible Sea Creatures.

She looked up at the Sky and the Stars
Were so close ~ she could reach up and
Touch the Milky Way and knew the many
Constellations by Heart

--Mystical Angelina

A Simple Request

Tell me you are my Sister,
guardian of a lifetime of letters and postcards,
postmarked with laughter and tears,
a trusted confidante,
Tell me you are my Sister,
I will believe you.

Tell me you are my Brother,
lifting me to the greatest heights
pointing toward an unobstructed horizon,
castle-spotted foothills, majestic mountaintops
a gentle sentinel
Tell me you are my Brother,
I will believe you.

Tell me you are Nature,
the subtle verve of the seasons,
the cherry tree, the honeysuckle
the apple blossom,
the whisper of rain and the breath of grass
Tell me you are Nature,
I will believe you.

Tell me you are Grace,
a poultice for the soul that aches,
unconditional love from an unknowable source
the solace of a mother’s embrace
Tell me you are Grace,
I will believe you.

Tell me you are a prophet,
humble and wise,
speaking truth to the ficus,
the teapot, the long-haired tabby
giving a sermon on the mound of everyday living
Tell me you are a prophet.
I will believe you.

Tell me you are a peacemaker,
compassion’s reason
and heir to the Earth,
Tell me you are a peacemaker,
I will believe you.

Tell me you are God,
Tell me you are Love,
Tell me you are Zeus or Shiva,
Tell me you are me,
and that the heavens sing for thee.

Tell me, I will believe you.

-- Lusivasion

Attaining Peace

Humanity has fought against itself
Since the beginning of recorded time
Tho’ tried Jesus, Mo'hamed, Buddha and Ghandi
To teach peace by parable and rhyme

Science comprehends not, for it yet lingers in the box
It has not the tools to spade the charade
Of how someone in a cave, with back to the light
Sees naught but the wall and the shadowy serenade

The rainbow beacons we follow
To search for the pot of gold
But we chase illusions, until the sun's disguise,
Unfolds its true glory, as our very own self to behold

Being cries out from within us all
We are all of the same family tree
Let compassion and cooperation rule the day
Do no harm, to the least of thee

Seek to remove those obstacles to peace:
Intolerance, selfishness, aggression and greed
The religious, cultural, and racial discords
Desire peace first, choose, flowers or weeds

Examine your beliefs with the searchlight of truth
Nothing too sacred, nothing to exclude
Fuse science and the spirit for a true worldview
Experience inspiration and a brand new attitude

The work is all here, not in a world to come
What'ere you do returns unto you, and a whole nation
For as above, so below, 'tis the universal law
Each action brings an equal and opposite reaction

You gaze in amazement at the glowworm's light
As it flits here and there in the night
Imagine the light ten million would be
They could light up the sky for all to see

When that beam of light grows ever so bright
A new day will dawn as the dark turns to naught
As a light in a darkened room vanquishes the dark
The darkness was, after all, a figment of thought

While humanity still struggles to ascend
From the depths of animal darkness spawned
We must continue radiating the beam
Remember, the night is darkest before the dawn

Oh, mothers, teach your children, while still at the knee
Of a creative power within them, which is peace and harmony
Teach the little ones of their inner majesty
They are more than a body, they’re the whole symphony

The oak grows slowly from a tiny seed
And the stately redwood grows straight and tall
They’ve grown for centuries, saw many a nation fall
What holds them to the task at hand, nourishment, that's all

The wave is not separate from the ocean
Nor the bubble separate from the sea
To believe yourself separate, brings all to grief
For what I do to you, I do but to me

Let us all seek to end each day
With the peace song, sung in harmony
"Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me."

-- Delphic Wisdom

A Recipe for Peace

Precious are the moments we must allot toward the attainment of peace,

Eager must be the participants in the process,

All must show the passion and desire to achieve the common goal,

Critical is the need for unwavering commitment.

Eloquence will carry the process to its ultimate successful conclusion.

-- Pax Profunda