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PeaceConsciousness.org is an online e-zine. This publication provides both a forum for exchanging ideas related to peace, and for suggesting means, at all levels, to use in resolving differences between individuals, groups, nations, or even species. We will learn not only where we have common ground, but also learn to celebrate our differences, because those differences provide richness, diversity, and a continual flow of new ideas for us to consider.

April 27, 2009


Night falls upon Night,
the dying embers
crumbling into ash.

Alone we sit amidst the darkling wood
Watching infinity unfold in nameless forms and circumstance.
Wordlessly it cries and stealthily sneaks in upon the sleeper:
Bathed in cool white light is pleasure primeval, uncluttered and uncluttering.
Whence comes the Sun.
From out this myriad group of cosmic wanderers one is chosen:
The Elect to warm our Night-cooled souls.

But within that day doubt that the Night had been,
and would be,
are products of the light
in our eyes blinding.

Frightened, lights are built and walls to shut out the night.
Deny, denials compounded, confounded we wander.
Waiting for that Night we yearn for and detest.

Ages piled upon ages will see the last of walls crumble into embers.
Dusking clouds float over a lonely band
gathered 'round those glowing embers, falling into ash.

Night enfolds once again her charges;
one by one her starry mantle reveals the Life so long despised and sought.
Eternity awaiting, beckons with a loving hand.
Night, decried as black
- without which no true Day is possible -
is fallen,
white with softest snowy banks
where the feast begins.

-- Benefactor Taciturnus

Images: top: Lone tree in the New Forest. Taken at sunset, between Stoney Cross and Fritham. (c) 2009 R J Higginson used under license.
bottom: Center of the Milky Way Galaxy (c) 2008 Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere Stefan Gillessen, Reinhard Genzel, Frank Eisenhauer. Used under license.

April 25, 2009

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Greetings Frater, Just think you should fix the spelling on the Home Page Icon (which is beautiful). We are the Rosicrucians, Hope this doesn't seem rude. Peace Profound.

April 10, 2009


Life’s a joyous dance of flow:
Some stepping fast, some gliding slow
Some move alone, others make it a show.
But the one true beat, an internal call,
Aligns us with Source – the Eternal All.

With beats and tempos various
The pace of some is hilarious
While those who risk all live precarious.
It’s all experience; dance as you choose!
Don’t sit this one out for it’s you who will lose.

Dance and life both balance need
Which once we’ve learned we may accede
From doubt and fear we’re truly freed
To thus allow our hearts to glide
Around the floor in perfect stride.

But caution self to not allow
In puppet-style to take your bow,
If others have led you, not the sweat of your brow.
Choose wisely your dance and make it your own
Or into confusion you’ll be thrown.

Most folks look outside self for a thrill
To know their own heart they lack the will.
So this dance or that will fill the bill
Till tired and empty they curtsey and leave,
Their flowers have faded, in truth they grieve.

For the mission is not about self-indulgence
But the dancing soul in glowing effulgence
Swirls round and round the expanding conscience.
When we dance in true rhythm with the Divine
Love waltzes into your heart or mine.

Life is motion – never static.
Yes, things may sometimes seem erratic
But this I know and I’m emphatic:
God sets the Laws – there is no chance.
One day we’ll choose to conform to the Divine Dance.

So the dance of life forever goes
In upward spiral, but heaven knows
How many dance shoes will cover your toes,
Till the one true beat, an internal call,
Makes us partners with Source – the Eternal All.

Image above: Whirling Dervishes or Darveshes, Rumi Fest 2007. Photo (c) 2007 by diaz.