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March 30, 2009


I don’t believe that chaos reigns
Mid bits of quirk and quark
That law is dashed and order feigns
To conquer all that’s dark.

In the quest for what and who
Each answer found brings the awe
Of simplicity to mystify
While exposing the next layer raw.

The mystic and the scientist
Should regard themselves as friends.
Both seek truth, but with this twist:
They start at opposite ends.

The latter studies earth, sea and sky
And all that the world does hold;
The former employs an inner eye
For self-knowing and God to unfold.

In the unseen world of the sub-atom
You get probability.
Particle or Wave? One you must fathom,
Concurrence never will you see.

Newton’s physics still holds sway
With things that we can see,
But the Quantum world told of today
Denies objectivity.

The ‘thought’ of how a test will end
Affects what comes about.
Are thoughts the very things we send
To help creation out?

Gods we are in limited sense
If thought makes us like Thee.
But things at root are ‘cosmic rays’
Of vibratory energy.

All things have motion, never still,
Unable to be destroyed.
There’s push and pull with magnetic will
But naught will create a void.

Matter to be life does need
As an engine needs – a spark.
The bi-force of Nous does succeed;
Divine Mind allows life to embark.

Life on earth is endless change
As Empedocles did conclude.
So science now must rearrange
Its opinion of God misconstrued.

Thus Albert and our ancient sage
Saw order neat and nice
Deducing in their separate age
“That God does not play dice!”

Though there may be parallel planes
With theories of ‘brane’ or string,
As our truth-seeking friends make further gains
Some day in one chorus they’ll sing.

Since nothing’s new under the sun
On the path for reason and rhyme
Like Eliot’s circle where all is One
We’ll know it for the very first time.

Phoenix Rose
January 1, 2009

March 21, 2009

A Mystery

Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Family Praising the Aten, 18th Dynasty Egypt
(14th century BCE)

When the one God exhales, we inhale Life
Which vibrates within thee and me.
Ubiquitous air is God’s gift free of strife,
A grace for all humanity.

If each soul on earth is a child of God
Which resides in a temple of flesh
Then we’re siblings all as this earth we trod
So why can’t we start afresh?

Why do we try to outdo each other
To gain a false upper hand?
Why not live as sister and brother
And in Peace abide in each land?

If what is Below should reflect what’s Above
We’d better get busy right now
To bring about that perfect Love
But it seems a mystery just how.

Our egos balk at giving up power,
At service to others we oft feign.
We’d rather not come from our ivory tower
Nor relinquish material gain.

We’ve worked too hard to achieve our place
Than to share with others our due.
Ah, but when in the mirror our conscience we face
We eventually see ourselves true.

That image is but a shadow of self
If what’s Above is real.
It’s time to put egos upon the shelf
And to our hearts appeal.

For the breath divine which ties us all
And animates all our cells
Urges, if we but hear the call,
Be a soldier of my Love, it tells.

Knight with Rose
Ch√Ęteau D'Omonville, AMORC