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June 6, 2009

Orpheus My Brother

Orpheus, Oh Orpheus,
Brother of my heart,
You were my intended
but the Fates keep us apart.

Many tests the gods demanded
When you descended here alone,
Courage filled your spirit
Your flesh, your soul, your bone.

A Path of Initiation
is not an easy task
Don't look back, my Brother
Keep your face a stoic mask.

I hide below in Hades
Until the time is ripe
When the right note on your Lyre
Vibrates with Pan's sweet pipe.

Orpheus, Oh Orpheus,
I know you did not fail
It was just you were not ready,
So first became a Tale.

When Knowledge fills your spirit
the Truth you must embrace.
Orpheus, My Dear Brother,
Until then return to Thrace.

-- Katrina Girl

Image: Orpheus the Soft Voiced Singer by Pieter Dierckx


Anonymous said...

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks.

Anonymous said...

When I was invited to start a journey toward becoming a Master Rosicrucian I didn't hesitate to take the challenge. Unlike University study, I was not told the length of the course and I will not reveal it here.
It was worth the journey. As a Master I have pledged to be a perpetual student because no person can no everything in a constantly evolving world. Powerpeace

Zandor Tat said...

Great poem, and symbolism!

Profund Peace