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May 8, 2008

God’s Gift in Flowers – Salmon Flower

This flower came to my front garden of its own accord. I noticed a few small plants and noticed how tiny yet beautiful they were. I had tried to grow other plants and bulbs in this area but nothing seemed to want to grow there. I was so delighted to have something growing well I joyfully and playfully asked the flower if it could just come and fill in this whole space. To my joy and delight my wish was granted.

In the few years since, I’ve noticed more of these flowers pop up at other locations in the yard, far removed from their original source, and this year I have noticed them all over my neighborhood in others yards as well as a local park nearby. I asked what this flower would like to be called and received no answer. I asked if I could call it Salmon Flower because it’s petals reminded me of the color of salmon and I heard “Salmon Flower will be just fine”.

My journey in the past few years has also involved working with Flower Essences which are a vibrational healing remedy that can provide you vibrational information for your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well being. My source for most of these essences has been Green Hope Farm in Meriden, New Hampshire (www.greenhopeessences.com). In working with these lovely remedies and reading their descriptions I often noticed the flowers shape, color, or growing condition often describes its energetic strengths or gifts it can offer. I asked Salmon Flower if it would like to be made into a Flower Essence and was told the time was not yet ripe to be made into one. However it has chosen in the NOW to be of service through word and picture.

I had a day when I was feeling a bit unsettled by events in my life and I felt this pull and draw to come sit next to the bed of flowers. As I did I felt the most peaceful, soothing love and calm just like I have experienced in the past working with essence form of other flowers. To my delight I could feel this same experience by simply sitting and beeing (pun intended) with this flower. The flower encouraged me to take some cuttings and bring them into the house where I could enjoy them as well.

A few days later I was walking our dog through our neighborhood. A woman came out her front door and I noticed her beautiful California Poppies and commented on them. As I looked down at the poppies I noticed some Salmon Flower plants and as I looked back up the woman was holding a vase full of these Salmon Flowers. She told me a friend had recently had a miscarriage and she was taking these flowers as a gift. I could only think of the love and support I felt sitting with them and only hoped this woman would feel it as well in her time of need.

Since then I have spent more time with this flower just beeing and observing how it grows, blossoms, and goes to seed. I asked the flower to describe itself in its own words:

“I come from an other worldly place held here by God’s gift to mankind of trust, faith, and light. I bring hope to those who are weary or feel they have lost their faith. It is this strength those who use me will find as they journey to God.”

I felt an urge to describe this flowers growth and flowering features as part of my journey in discovering this flowers gifts, but also as a means to share it with others. This flower’s foliage is a bright green and the flowers bloom with little to no water. Just as your well may feel like it’s run dry, or feel you are far removed from your source, God is always there to support you. When given water it grows and expands just as we do with God in our heart. When the quarter inch flower blossoms the open petals with its yellow stamens are like a radar dish receiving light. When the blossom closes it offers a feeling of protection and nurturance until the blossom is pushed out much like letting go of pain, grief, or loss so we can transcend and receive God’s light.

This blossoming process occurs along the stalk of the foliage, not all at once but at evenly spaced intervals. This repeating process of blossoming and releasing the spent flower is very much like what we experience as we evolve through the various stages of our life here on Earth. After the flower is spent, a tiny globe of ethereal green seeds forms in its place, which implies that the journey is not wasted but new seeds are planted as we evolve from generation to generation, and incarnation to incarnation.

I talk to flowers much as you may talk to God asking for help. To me flowers and all of creation are a Oneness that is God. Through this process I have learned God is always speaking to us and through us in many different ways, including sitting down to have a good chat with the Flower Kingdom. Shortly after I learned from a chance meeting on-line from someone in London that this flower is Scarlet Pimpernel and it is a native wildflower in the U.K.! Wonderful, wonderful mysteries indeed!
- Mysticbee

“A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life depends on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the measure as I have received and am still receiving.”
- Albert Einstein

“Life is absurd and meaningless – unless you bring meaning to it, unless you make something of it. It is up to us to create our own existence.”
- Alan Alda

“In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”
- Camus


Anonymous said...

Your story is so wonderful. I too have a special attraction to flowers. We can learn so much just by watching them grow.

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