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March 1, 2008

Who Saves the World

 Summit of Peace by Golden Flower
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As an International Airline Pilot I get to see parts of the world I otherwise might not have the opportunity to explore. It is a great opportunity to get to experience and learn from different cultures. It helps me to understand that Peoples all over the world are really much more alike than different. They all want Peace, Food, and Hope for a Better Future.

So far, I have traveled from the United States to England, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Japan. People everywhere are generally very friendly and will go out of their way to help a traveler. Rather than focusing on our differences, we would be much better served to understand our similarities and relish in what we can learn from our difference. When we realize we are all one people, we are less likely to fight each other, and when we appreciate our differences and what we can learn from them, we enrich our lives.

My work schedule is assigned about a month in advance, and last July, I had a trip that went from Chicago to London, Los Angeles, London, and back to Chicago over a six-day period. I was scheduled to do that trip twice in July of 2005.

On July 7, a series of bombs destroyed the calm in London, and the World changed again. During my trip about a week later, I was part of the first crew to stay at our downtown hotel since the incident. We were lodged near the Edgware train station, which was still blocked off with evidence tape. I was deeply troubled that peoples felt this was a suitable way of solving their differences, or that some people had been denied a voice to such an extent that this was the only means of expression left to them. There had to be a better way, and I wondered if I could help create it.

Upon waking the next morning, one block from the Edgware station that been bombed the prior week, I had these thoughts:

Who saves the World

It matters very little WHO saves our world, what is of Great Importance is that she be saved.

By working together to bring Peace Consciousness into the collective consciousness, we can elevate humanity to a higher level of thinking, to where they see the egoistic machinations of the few for what they are, and simply refuse to play their games any longer. We the People of Planet Earth will look upon that type of leader with pity for their small thinking, follow a higher calling, and simply relegate the old warring way of thinking to the dustbin of irrelevance.

In this way we do not need to defeat these old style “leaders” in battle, we simply refuse to fight their battles for them. We will cease to play the part of pawn on their chessboard, but instead will play the role of Peaceful Emissary's to the peoples of our home planet. As an ever increasing numbers of peoples realize this higher level of consciousness, we will become self-governing and at the same time ungovernable with respect to following the old ways of war.

In the future the people will immediately recognize warlike thinking for what it is, small and petty. They will pity the old style “leaders,” recognize they are stuck in the old paradigm, and simply not follow them any more. We the People of Planet Earth will provide incentives so that seeking peaceful alternatives will become the preferred course of action. Such things as the development of new energy sources will be shared among the peaceful nations of the Earth, and denied those who still choose conflict or would turn the technologies to weaponry. The peaceful paradigm will become the desired paradigm among nations and among peoples who recognize their fundamental oneness with each other, and humanity will grow and prosper in it. Thus will become the way of the world.

So Mote it Be.

-- PC

The initials PC stand for Peace Consciousness, and can be adopted by any great thinker whenever they wish a contribution to be considered on its merits and not overshadowed by the person's position or diminished by their station. Thus, contributions from the Dalai Lama and David from Denver can be considered equally on their merits, and we can hopefully transcend the competitive nature of humanity and instead create a collective thought form that exceeds the sum of its parts.


powerpeace said...

Dear PC, Thank you for your wisdom. I would like to answer your question of "Who saves the world?". God is not a person and is called by many names. I rather prefer the name given by the native tribes of America = Great Spirit. Think of it as a constantly moving sphere with many "balls" or smaller spheres rolling around inside the main sphere. The material world is manifest by the energy and spirit that eminates from the everlasting sphere. One of the little spheres is released when a child is born and retrieved when transition occurs. So Mote It Be. Powerpeace

Anonymous said...

Absolutely BRILLIANT! Why do our national leaders NOT have this mentality?
Instead we are saddled with a pack of wonky wankers that put their tribalistic mentality to the forefront and see the rest of the world as interlopers and the enemies of their absurd, and long defunct AMERICAN DREAM."

Anonymous said...

This may be a difficult pill to swallow:

What is more important is that one realizes that the planet and the world are 2 separate entities. The Earth is Gods creation, the world is mans structure. Mans structure is flawed and will never be perfect. Gods creation is perfect and will renew itself with or without mankind.

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful that we still have people in the world that can see that we are truly brothers and sisters regardless our physical differences in appearence. What I do not understand is we all admire the different colors,and shapes in nature such as trees flowres birds and so .But we are unable to see the same beauty in each others as GOD creation.WHY? If we can open our hearts ,and hands just a little the whole world will be a better place.AS students on the PATH, we need to continue doing our parts by sending positive energy of LOVE,PEACE,LIGHT,with CONFIDENCE that the world is changing for the better.