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PeaceConsciousness.org is an online e-zine. This publication provides both a forum for exchanging ideas related to peace, and for suggesting means, at all levels, to use in resolving differences between individuals, groups, nations, or even species. We will learn not only where we have common ground, but also learn to celebrate our differences, because those differences provide richness, diversity, and a continual flow of new ideas for us to consider.

March 1, 2008

Attaining Peace

Humanity has fought against itself
Since the beginning of recorded time
Tho’ tried Jesus, Mo'hamed, Buddha and Ghandi
To teach peace by parable and rhyme

Science comprehends not, for it yet lingers in the box
It has not the tools to spade the charade
Of how someone in a cave, with back to the light
Sees naught but the wall and the shadowy serenade

The rainbow beacons we follow
To search for the pot of gold
But we chase illusions, until the sun's disguise,
Unfolds its true glory, as our very own self to behold

Being cries out from within us all
We are all of the same family tree
Let compassion and cooperation rule the day
Do no harm, to the least of thee

Seek to remove those obstacles to peace:
Intolerance, selfishness, aggression and greed
The religious, cultural, and racial discords
Desire peace first, choose, flowers or weeds

Examine your beliefs with the searchlight of truth
Nothing too sacred, nothing to exclude
Fuse science and the spirit for a true worldview
Experience inspiration and a brand new attitude

The work is all here, not in a world to come
What'ere you do returns unto you, and a whole nation
For as above, so below, 'tis the universal law
Each action brings an equal and opposite reaction

You gaze in amazement at the glowworm's light
As it flits here and there in the night
Imagine the light ten million would be
They could light up the sky for all to see

When that beam of light grows ever so bright
A new day will dawn as the dark turns to naught
As a light in a darkened room vanquishes the dark
The darkness was, after all, a figment of thought

While humanity still struggles to ascend
From the depths of animal darkness spawned
We must continue radiating the beam
Remember, the night is darkest before the dawn

Oh, mothers, teach your children, while still at the knee
Of a creative power within them, which is peace and harmony
Teach the little ones of their inner majesty
They are more than a body, they’re the whole symphony

The oak grows slowly from a tiny seed
And the stately redwood grows straight and tall
They’ve grown for centuries, saw many a nation fall
What holds them to the task at hand, nourishment, that's all

The wave is not separate from the ocean
Nor the bubble separate from the sea
To believe yourself separate, brings all to grief
For what I do to you, I do but to me

Let us all seek to end each day
With the peace song, sung in harmony
"Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me."

-- Delphic Wisdom

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