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PeaceConsciousness.org is an online e-zine. This publication provides both a forum for exchanging ideas related to peace, and for suggesting means, at all levels, to use in resolving differences between individuals, groups, nations, or even species. We will learn not only where we have common ground, but also learn to celebrate our differences, because those differences provide richness, diversity, and a continual flow of new ideas for us to consider.

March 1, 2008


On the beautiful terrain of the island of Cyprus
She was running with her long hair blowing
In the Wind ~ like a graceful, young Gazelle.

She Sang with the Gypsies
Pure and True ~ listening to their
Wonderful stories every night by the Fire.

She dove into the sparking Mediterranean Sea
And swam with the incredible Sea Creatures.

She looked up at the Sky and the Stars
Were so close ~ she could reach up and
Touch the Milky Way and knew the many
Constellations by Heart

--Mystical Angelina

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