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March 1, 2008

Peace Came by for a Welcome Stay

Mandala Rose by Golden Flower
Peace came by for a welcome stay
Upon soft winds blowing
Behind sunlit rays.
Upon snowflakes twirling softly down
Disquiet smothered on sparkled ground.
Upon blue sky horizons after storms relent,
On colored leaves and rose’s scent.
She rose with the moon shining ‘cross the bay
The quiet of night to support her reign.
As showers drench earth’s thirsty floor
She patters her sounds of heaven’s shores.

Yes, peace came by for a welcome stay
Upon a child’s face asleep from play.
With a mother’s smile of loving care
Upon a baby’s wide bewildered stare.
Upon white peaked mountains with clouds arrayed
And hidden gusts stirring powder astray.

Oh peace, she came by for a welcome stay
She entered my study where I quietly lay.
I caught her moment of subtle advance
With a wink I awoke from a soothing trance.

Yes, peace came by for a welcome stay
Yet, when I questioned her
She went away.

-- Gradarius

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