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March 1, 2008

Peace Starts in our Thoughts and in our Hearts

We, the citizens of Planet Earth, have created a world of duality. We have tied ourselves to a concept of “us against them.” We have perpetuated the belief that there are “good guys” and “bad guys;” and, that the “good guys” are here to either eradicate the “bad guys” or convert them to “love and light.”

This world of duality is an illusion, founded on the belief that opposites co-exist in the world: hot and cold, war and peace, heaven and hell, good and evil. This is faulty thinking. Hot and cold are not opposites. They are the same energy, vibrating differently. We freeze water, and it turns into ice. We raise the vibration again, and it melts. We raise it again, and it turns to steam. Similarly, love and hate are not opposites. Raise the vibration of hate, and you create conditional love. Here is an example, “I’ll love you, provided that you support me financially, and play the role that I want you to play.” Raise the vibration again, and it becomes unconditional love. “I love you regardless of what you do, say, think, feel or be. No matter what, I will always love you.” Raise the vibration again, and you create compassion and gratitude.

How does duality, faulty thinking, and the laws of vibration relate to creating peace on Earth? Our dominant thoughts, feelings and emotions create our reality. Ask yourselves these questions: Do I feel worthy of experiencing peace no matter what is happening around me? Do I feel worthy of transmitting and receiving energies of unconditional love and above?

What we create for ourselves within is the microcosm for what we create on the outside. We tend to externalize and project our judgments, worries, concerns, phobias, and fears into the world. When we judge others, or ourselves, we contribute to the collective thought pool that keep humanity in a perpetual state of fear, avoidance, and denial. We plant seeds which blossom into disease, hunger, poverty, famine, pestilence, natural disasters, tribal conflicts, and war. Our negative ego, the sum of all the fear resonating in our four body system, creates the havoc we externalize as “other” and “bad.”

Let’s look at an example. What happens when we get angry with a child, parent, relative, friend, co-worker, employee, or boss? That anger is projected, affecting those around us. Inappropriate cords of energy are sent from the angry one to the others’ chakras, creating discomfort and harm to both parties. The angry one may turn the anger inwards, even consequently developing physical dysfunction such as cancer. Anger spirals outward and inward, affecting all in its path. If people are not aware, it can cause harm and invoke fear wherever it goes.

We must pay attention to our thoughts. When we project anger, fear or hatred at terrorists, murderers, politicians, ethnic groups, states, nations, the military-industrial complex, or any other individual or group that may trigger us, we are contributing to problems. When we allow the media to shape our thoughts and feelings, we are using our energy to maintain old fear-based patterns and beliefs, which fuels more fear, conflict, and violence.

There are people in positions of power in our corporations, governments, and our ultra-wealthy families, who are afraid of the “new.” They are afraid of unity and harmony consciousness. They are afraid of anything that would erode their base of power. Their focus is to keep humanity, and the world, on the same destructive path it has been on for a very, very long time. We can be part of the solution. A powerful way to move the world and humanity into a paradigm of peace is to start with yourself. Don’t be a fear finder. Be a love finder.

We can use our discernment, seek alternative sources of information, and consider many points of view. We must be vigilant in ascertaining the truth, by reclaiming our personal power and thinking for ourselves. To some degree we have all been lazy and complacent. We live in a free will universe. We can make the choice now to see things differently and to do things differently.

What can we do? First, we can change our thoughts. As we change our thoughts, we change our lives. How can we do this? One way is to keep daily journals, recording each time we find ourselves in judgement or fear. When we memorialize what we were thinking, feeling, and seeing in moments of judgment and fear, we increase our awareness so we can do a “re-take.” Then, we can visualize, in detail, what we would have been feeling, thinking, and seeing had we been coming from a heart-space of compassion and unconditional love. Record this “re-take” in the journal. Thus, we can help re-imprint the Akashic records (the planetary holographic records of all that has ever been, is and can be, and is accessible by all for inspiration on how to live one’s life) with unity consciousness, harmony, and peace. Each time we release fear or judgment and re-choose to be a conscious, aware, loving being, we rewrite the past and future. We make it possible for those who follow to access the records and act upon new inspiration.

We are all very powerful. However, many of us have chosen to disregard or negate this power. We may experience an unexplainable fear of causing harm when we start coming into our power. We may not trust ourselves to do the “right thing” if power is bestowed upon us. Our fears may be based upon actions taken, or not taken, in past or future lives. We may have consciously or unconsciously decided that we are not trustworthy; that if we come into our personal power and help Gaia or humanity, we will cause death, destruction, or harm again.

Part of coming into self mastery and becoming a force for peace is to release our fears and judgments with gratitude. When we do, space is created to ground the new. The new is unity consciousness, compassion, harmony, and peace.

How do we come into a space of gratitude? How do we integrate feeling grateful into the intimate fabric of our lives so that it is just an integral part of who we are in all moments? One easy way to start is to make a gratitude list. Write down everything in your life, large and small, that you are grateful for. Decide that your gratitude list will not be stagnant, but ever growing.

Add to it each week. Read your gratitude list at least once a day, really feeling in your heart how eternally grateful you truly are for all of the events and blessings in your life.

We can start small with ourselves and move outward. How we live our lives in each and every moment touches more people than we will ever know. Each time we choose to be grateful instead of constricting into anger, criticism, negativity or fear, we choose to ground and express more love. We choose to imprint the conscious, living history of humanity with a positive, new way of looking at and doing things. This is very powerful and easy to do.

How else can we personally become a force for peace? Pray for guidance and direction in how you may serve. Here’s a very powerful way to do this. Right now, sit upright with your feet flat on the floor and your spine straight. Breath into your high heart, feel the love, and relax. Now let’s call forth God, the Masters, Gaia (the Spirit of Earth), and our guides to assist us in this process. We ask that our cosmic purpose for being here flood from the God Force/God Source down our crown chakras, through all of our bodies, down our grounding cords, and into the heart of the Earth. Feel this higher purpose for being here, flooding, filling and expanding our knowingness and awareness. We also have an earthly purpose for being here, and Gaia knows this purpose. Let’s call forth Gaia to send the energy of our earthly purpose for being here up our grounding cords, into our high hearts and flooding all of our bodies. Let’s feel the energy of our earthly and Cosmic purpose flooding into our core star ( the essential Being within, the Source self) “down” from the God Force/God Source and “up” from Gaia. The core star is “located” in the center of your being, which is often felt deep within around the heart/abdomen area. Feel the core star expanding in unconditional love, compassion, and gratitude. Now, in this moment, we can pray. We ask Mother/Father God, “How may I serve right here, right now? I’m open. I’m ready. I’m listening. I’m willing. How may I serve?” Then, feel into the answers presented. Feel and know that our prayers for being the servant of peace are being answered right here, right now.

Know this, and feel this. Become an instrument for peace through the power of prayer. Be persistent and consistent in connecting with the God Force/God Source and Gaia through prayer, and be inspired!

What else can we do to become an active force for peace? We can take action. We can investigate various organizations, locally, nationally, and globally, that are pro-peace. Which one interests us or resonates with us? Maybe we will give of our time. Maybe we will financially support their work. In my opinion, two excellent organizations to financially support are Greenpeace International, www.greenpeace.org/international, and www.threecupsoftea.com. The latter, Greg Mortenson’s organization, promotes peace by building and funding private, non-sectarian schools for boys and girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It is important to ground our spiritual mission for peace with concrete action. We are the ones here on the ground with the power to make a difference. Those on the inner planes can provide support and guidance. Change starts in our hearts and our thoughts, and, through our actions, moves to our community, the world, and beyond. It is up to us to do something now.

When we believe that any part of us is unlovable, we contribute to the hate and fear we read in the news and see in the world. War is not only “out there.” It starts inside us. It begins with our thought-form creations. When we change our thoughts, we change the world. Psychological clarity in all we do creates the road to self-mastery and peace. When we support that clarity with the power of prayer, tithing, and concrete action, we help to anchor the Golden Age on Earth, right here and right now!

-- Violet Earth Girl

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